Parenthood Initiation and Matrescence Ceremonies

As the role of parent is added to our identity, profound shifts occur that deserve our acknowledgment. The transformation is often so abrupt, and can sometimes be accompanied by a sense of loss of self. I believe that turning points in our lives call for honoring, not only to help normalize the metamorphosis, but to welcome it and recognize it’s magic. Feeling supported in your new role and releasing your old one in a ceremonious way can be a memorable way to ease and welcome your transition into mother, father or parent.

Please reach out to me if you feel you would like to honor your new role with an intentional gathering that I can lead for you.

A typical ceremony would include inviting a small group of close friends to spend part of an afternoon or evening sitting in circle and taking turns speaking openly about parenthood, sharing wishes for you on your journey, and listening without judgement as you speak aloud about your new identity and release your old one. My role would be to help organize the event, and to lead the group through offering symbolic ways in which to honor the new parent.


Photo by Laura Coppelman