My Childcare Offerings

While a doula is meant solely to care for parents so that they can care for their children, childcare is often a necessary recourse for new parents. In addition to my work as a doula I also work as a nanny.

When I shift into the role of childcare provider, my hours are booked entirely separately and at a different hourly rate.

I don’t have to be your doula to be your nanny!

Many families find they only need a bit of sibling care during their postpartum period, or even just an experienced go-to nanny for date nights once they are comfortable leaving their new baby home. I’ve been caring for children long before I began training to care for new parents!

My skills focus on Montessori inspired care, which entails the following key points: Respecting and speaking to children (and babies!) as you would any adult. Following their lead, and using connection and understanding rather than control. Slowing down to let them go at their own pace and allowing them to practice becoming independent in things that they feel confident doing. Setting them up for success in their involvement with everyday activities and allowing them make discoveries on their own. Demonstrating things they are interested in. Speaking to them mindfully, and framing your expectations of what you’d like them to do rather than what you wouldn’t. Modeling loving behavior and overall just being a playful friend.

I am well versed in child-led, respectful care, and would be honored to be a part of your child’s life.

I offer regular daytime care in my home alongside my two year old in West Asheville, as well as scheduled evening care in your home in the greater Asheville area, at a rate of $15/hour. I schedule only one child or pair of siblings at a time. Refererences and CPR certification will be provided upon request.